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Evababe has begun to provide quality baby & kids clothes to overseas markets since 2016. Latest design, competitive price, gold quality, make us opened oversea market in short several years, more than 200,000 mom choose our products. And Evababe is also one of Reliable and leading sellers of kid’s garments in Amazon Store.
Our collection features smart styling with just a touch of whimsy to capture the innocence of childhood. Our designers expertly mix American tastes with a European sensibility for a fun, sophisticated line of dresses, jumpsuits and outerwears that’s perfect for special occasions and every day. We hope that our product can bring joy and care into your family. More and More Mommys choose Evababe from the world.
Also we provide wholesale and drop shopping services, best partner for you. 
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Address: Room 416 QIangsheng Building D, No.168 JiangxiaBei 1 Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China

Phone: +20 3152 0620

Hours:Monday  9:00-18:00
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E-mail: service@evababe.com

EvaBabe is an enterprise born for product quality and service. We not only produce the highest quality products for the world, but also strive to fulfill any customer needs and wishes. Customer satisfaction and trust is our only purpose, we will not give up any customers.It is our mission to provide the world with a high-quality supply chain, and our vision is to become a company that contributes to the world.With the company’s business development needs, the company’s team continues to expand and the business continues to expand in order to seek more partners.

We focus on the babies. We love them, they are so cute, but they are also growing fast, which is why we are keen to provide you with high-quality, safe and fashionable clothing at an affordable price. We know that your time is limited, so we help you match the size of the entire family so that you can easily shop. From play dates to birthday parties, from holiday commemorative photos to daily life, we have created a perfect platform for you to shop for family wear, maternity wear, shoes, accessories, and household items. Let us add color to your life!

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24 hours customer support.