Welcome To My Products Sharing Invitation

Thank you for being interested in my products testing. To make sure you get the right product on Amazon, please follow a few simple steps below:

1). Make sure you’ve added the product to your Amazon shopping cart.
2). Take a screenshot of your Amazon shopping cart like below, so I know you have the right product in your shopping cart.
3). Send your screenshot to [email protected]toreceive my refund policy.

Add-to-Cart Screenshot Sample Below:

Our refund policy, please send to us after you complete the following two ways, we will give you a full refund after confirmation:

1). Give us a Review
2).Shoot a video of wearing clothes and share it with the clothes link to the social platform

Share Screenshot Sample Below:

Share it on Facebook, as shown below:

Welcome To My Products Sharing

Please show us your screenshot if you had done.

I will chat with you on Facebook or via email.