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How should the baby quit the pacifier?

Long-term use of pacifiers for babies has a detrimental effect on tooth development and chewing muscle bite. So, how to help the baby to quit the pacifier quickly?

How should the baby quit the pacifier?

The first step is to gradually reduce the baby’s time to use the pacifier, especially at night, because the baby’s attention can be easily diverted during the day.

When the baby grows up, there is no need to drink milk at night. At this time, you should try to avoid your baby drinking milk before going to bed. You can use other things to distract your baby. This will help reduce the baby’s dependence on the pacifier and also help him fall asleep as soon as possible. The baby is full of curiosity about the outside world, and the mother can prepare a cute water cup for the baby, and train the baby to drink milk or water with the cup. The training can be carried out one by one, slowly increasing the number of times the baby uses the drinking glass, and then giving up the pacifier.

Make a small plan for the baby to quit the pacifier. If the baby can complete it, the parents should give them a certain reward, so the baby will work hard to cooperate. In addition, some extreme methods are best not to use, such as smearing foreign objects on the pacifier, forcing or even punishing the baby, or often comparing with other children, etc., which is likely to cause the baby to be rebellious.

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