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How to choose the size of baby diapers?

How to choose the size of baby diapers?

Mom has always been the main consumer group in the baby diaper market, and data shows that nearly 62% of moms choose to buy in the form of “boxes” and prefer to buy large-size diapers with the same brand. Among the reasons, according to the survey, most experienced mothers think that they do import diapers from the same brand. If the size overlaps, they will choose a large size baby diaper, so that the baby will be more comfortable to wear.
Overlapping sizes, this phenomenon is called a headache for many novice parents when choosing the size of baby diapers, that is, the weight standard values ​​suitable for various sizes marked on the outer packaging of baby diapers have overlapping parts. The best-selling diaper brands like Kao, King, Deer Ding Ding, Pampers, and Curious are no exceptions in this design. Take the deer Ding Ding diaper as an example, the M code is suitable for babies 7-11kg, and the L code is suitable for babies 10-14kg, and the babies 10-11kg are within the overlapping range of two sizes. Why does this happen?

All baby diaper manufacturers will adopt this design, because the overlapping part of each size of the baby diaper should be considered in the product design. Babies of the same weight may have different body types, such as height, abdominal circumference, and leg circumference. Difference. From a professional point of view, each overlapping weight range of baby diapers is inevitable and inevitable. Because each overlapping weight range represents a golden transition period for the baby’s rapid growth and development, a large change in body shape is also a key period for weight growth. As the baby continues to grow, the coincidence of the size and weight coverage of the baby’s diaper can just help the baby to spend the growth and development period comfortably and perfectly, so as not to restrain the baby’s waist, leg and hip development, meet the baby’s growth and development changes, and give the baby the best The growth and development environment is scientific and natural.

In this regard, experts suggest that users should choose a freshman model diaper during the golden transition period of baby’s important growth and development, which can better meet the baby’s needs for growth and development at this stage. It has been confirmed in practice that parents with experience, that is, parents who have experience in baby care, also choose baby diapers with a larger size within the overlapping range. In fact, according to the recommendations of experts to choose large-size diapers can be further understood through the following two points.

First, fit the legs, the baby’s waist and hips are not bound

In the golden period of baby’s growth and development, as the weight continues to increase, it is even more difficult to choose the size of baby diapers. In addition to the characteristics of Asian baby’s thighs, the small size diapers in the overlap area may just meet or have red marks when they are worn. This shows that the existing diaper sizes can not actually meet the baby’s next wearing needs.

Second, the larger size of the same brand can be used for a longer period of time. This is due to family economic reasons.

For babies in infants and young children, parents often consider buying diapers in large orders, which not only saves money but also saves time and hassle. However, the weight of the baby in the golden transition period of development is just right in the overlapping zone, and then choosing to buy a diaper suitable for the current size is obviously not suitable for the future use of the baby who is gaining weight. However, if you choose a freshman size diaper with an easily adjustable three-stage waist sticker design, the size can be adjusted freely, which can just meet the baby’s long-term diaper needs in the future, and the large size product can be used for two months, which is more economical.

With the increasingly mature and diverse product needs of the main consumer groups, more and more high-quality diaper manufacturers will gradually grow up, and they will strengthen their internal skills in multiple dimensions such as product quality, cost performance and service, and continue to bring babies and users. More perfect comfort experience. Some industry insiders also said that in the face of the rapidly increasing baby diaper market and the assortment of brands, many consumers will become more judgmental and will gradually learn to maturely choose baby diaper supplies and make more wise select.

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