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What effect does darling underwear have?

The importance of baby underwear

Baby underwear is to point to 1 ~ 3 months old baby wear close-fitting clothes, because at this time the baby temperature regulation function is not perfect, the skin is delicate, resistance is poor, at the same time more activity, sweat more, sebaceous glands secrete more, such as the choice is not appropriate, harmful substances easily through the delicate skin to attack the baby, increase the chance of infection..So, choose underwear scientifically for the baby of 1 ~ 3 months, have important meaning to the baby’s physical and mental health, underwear texture should choose warm, soft and good sweat absorption, color is easy to give priority to light color, easy to wash cotton material, style should be given priority to with loose.The following is the role of baby underwear, mothers should know the importance of baby underwear, let the baby wear appropriate underwear is the first choice.

The role of baby underwear

  1. can promote the baby’s brain and motor function development

Because underwear provides warmth, mothers don’t have to worry about their babies getting cold all the time and then use cloth to wrap them.If dress baby according to seasonal changes in suitable for underwear, baby will freely comfortable lying in bed, small hand to scuttle deep calf any, these active stretch of freedom, both can enhance the growth of muscles and bones, but also because of deep breath and promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also due to the activities of neuromuscular reflex promote brain motor function development.

  1. keep warm to keep out the cold can prevent the baby from catching cold

Because repeatedly caught cold baby most did not wear underwear, the body touch cold.Mother thought that these are not for your baby to wear underwear, give children a thick coat in cold weather can keep out the cold warm, little imagine, thick coat only wind effect, but it does not like cotton underwear, especially in the cold season of the double-layer knitted cotton underwear, can absorb retain air, make the air enclosure around the skin and achieve heat preservation, is comfortable and warm, the baby is not easy to catch a cold catch a cold.

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