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Birth to 12 Months: Common Questions(Part3)

By Claire Lerner and Rebecca Parlakian

My daughter is 2 months old, and I’m wondering if this is too young for her to start sleeping in a crib in her own room. She’s been in ours since we brought her home, and she never sleeps through the night without waking at least a couple of times.

Deciding where a young baby should sleep depends on several factors, the most important being your own beliefs and values. If you want your child to sleep in her own room, here is one approach to managing that transition sensitively.

First, help her prepare for the change by making her room a safe, familiar place. During her alert periods, make sure she spends some time in her room with you playing and reading. Use her bedroom for diapering and for bedtime and nap-time routines. You might also want to gradually get her used to the crib by starting with naps during the daytime for a few weeks and then transitioning to using the crib at night. Nighttime sleep is often the more difficult transition. This incremental approach, while making these transitions warm and nurturing experiences, will help your baby learn to connect her room with cozy, safe feelings.


Co-Sleeping: Whats Best For You and Your Child?

While many families enjoy sleeping with their baby and safely practice co-sleeping, it’s important to note that many adult beds and bedding materials are not designed for sharing with an infant.


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